Valid from March 1st 2021


The accommodation manager and accommodation provider is AGENIJA d.o.o. – a limited liability company (hereinafter: the provider).

Company name: AGENIJA d.o.o. – a limited liability company

Company headquarters: Borovška cesta 66, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

VAT identification number: SI49890816

Registration number: 3790703000

E-mail address:

Official website:

Date of entry into the court register: 26th August 2010

International bank account number (IBAN): SI56 0700 0000 2951 412


Agenija d.o.o. is a company providing short term tourist rentals as well as the managing of owned or contractually leased properties.

The customer is any private person or legal entity that makes an accommodation reservation with Agenija d.o.o.

Upon every written or oral reservation confirmation, the customer fully accepts our general terms and conditions, which are published on our official website.

The office hours of Agenija d.o.o. are every weekday between 8AM and 4PM.


Agenija d.o.o. conducts business exclusively online therefore the offer changes frequently and quickly.

All prices are in Euros (EUR) and are valid until further notice.

Agenija d.o.o. is liable to collect the value added tax (VAT); this is already included in all advertised offers on our website. The prices are valid at the time of booking and carry no pre-determined validity.

The photographs and descriptions of accommodations are true and genuine however, we allow the possibility of error when entering the data into the system.

The accommodation units are appropriately categorised in accordance with the Republic of Slovenia’s electronic categorisation system of accommodation establishments.

Each accommodation has its own specificity and characteristics so contact us on in the event of uncertainty or ambiguity with either the description or the photographs.


All enquiries must be made exclusively by email to Each enquiry must include the basic criteria and wishes according to which the provider will prepare an offer.


The customer must confirm the reservation in writing. The customer’s contact information, provided at the time of booking, will be used solely for the purpose of communicating regarding the relevant accommodation reservation.

One week prior to arrival, the customer will receive an email to the address given at the time of reservation, which will contain the information regarding the accommodation as well as a request for submitting information of all the guests staying in the accommodation. The customer is obliged to submit the guests’ information diligently and exactly as they are written in each guest’s travel document. The provider will register all guests with the police administration’s system upon their arrival. The customer is criminally liable if he or she fails to promptly submit complete and correct information regarding all of the guests staying in the accommodation to the provider.

The information provided will be used exclusively for the purpose of registering guests.

All of the provider’s accommodations are self check-in establishments: the customer will gain access to the accommodation according to the instructions that will be sent to the customer, by the provider, upon the customer’s submission of the guests’ information.

The customer is only allowed to use the access information during their stay in the accommodation.

The customer may access the accommodation on the first day of reservation from 3PM onwards, and must vacate the property by no later than 10AM on the reservation’s final day. The provider reserves the right to levy additional fees in the event of early arrival or late departure.


The payment for the reservation must be made via bank transfer. A 30% advance payment is required at the time of booking to guarantee a reservation.

The remaining balance must be settled by no later than one day prior to arrival.


The provider has the right to offer a change of accommodation or to issue a cancellation if unforeseen conditions, that cannot be avoided or eliminated, arise.


Upon the provider’s agreement and approval, the customer may change a reservation. The change in reservation may refer to the holder of the reservation, the dates on which it is to take place, the number of guests staying or the structure of guests arriving.

The 30% advance payment is absolutely non-refundable in case of cancellation or “no show”.


The provider must ensure that the customer receives their accommodation access instructions in a timely manner. The provider must also ensure the accommodation is clean and comfortable.

The customer must produce valid travel documents and respect the rules of the accommodation. The customer must also treat the accommodation, together with the inventory, with due care.


The customer is solely responsible for their personal belongings and luggage during their stay. The provider assumes and bears no responsibility for lost or damaged luggage.


The customer has a right to complain regarding possible property misrepresentation through photographs, received or perceived misinformation regarding the accommodation, general lack of cleanliness or inventory malfunctions.

The customer waives their right to a complaint if the reasons for the complaint are: adverse or unfavourable weather conditions, lack of cleanliness or the condition of the wider environment, local water or electricity supply issues, crowds…

Any complaint must be made in writing and sent to within 24 hours of arrival at your accommodation. The provider is obligated to try to eliminate or alleviate the source(s) of the customer’s complaint, offer a replacement accommodation unit or partially refund the customer’s cost of stay. The maximum reimbursement amount paid to the customer, as a resolution of a complaint, must not exceed the customer’s amount paid for the reservation.


The parties will try to resolve any dispute amicably through mutual agreement. In the event that the parties fail to resolve a dispute, the legal jurisdiction over the matter is held by the Kranj District Court and all further actions regarding the dispute must be directed and resolved there.