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We are Nina and Jaka, wife and husband who are also business partners.

Our paths crossed in Mach 2010 and after a few months when we were still in our early twenties we decided to start our own company.

Many of our closest relatives and friends had doubts and most of them thought our decision was too hasty – except for us. We followed our hearts and not even for a moment we doubted that we would not succeed.

Establishing the company

The company Agenija was established in August 2010. Agenija is a coinage from AGEnija (Slovenian word for agency), Nina and JAkathat was proposed by Jaka’s mother.

The first half of the year was difficult. In order to get by, we both picked up student jobs in hospitality industry. After a while things started to get better and after approximately one year our business enabled us to lead a decent life.

Growth and development of the company

Our initial idea was to create a sub-agent tourist agency; however, we decided to move in another direction and landed in tourism real estate management.

Each year we improve and upgrade the system for managing the properties while the way our company initially worked has changed due to the experiences we have gained so far.

Over the years our company has grown, as well as our team, and each year we get new clients.

Our typical working day

Our typical working day has changed a little bit since 2014 when a new family member came into our lives.

Nowadays Nina normally stays home and works on the computer while Jaka is on the ground, taking care of the cleanliness and the maintenance of our apartments. He also makes sure that our guests have everything they need.

Our philosophy

Together we are whole. – Jaka is very thorough, attentive and more determined than Nina while she is very inventive, more flexible and always thinks in advance.

Throughout the day we are spouses and business partners all at once – these roles inseparably intertwine in our private and businesses spheres. This kind of partnership works very well for us and we cannot imagine our lives any different.

Sometimes we get into an argument very easily, but manage to reach a compromise within three minutes. We often disagree; however, our disagreements might lead us to the best solutions.

We both enjoy family life, as well as are pleased to have our own company and we would not change that for anything in this world.